Why do I need Study Support?

Getting a place at university here, in another country, and another language, shows your courage, determination, and your commitment to your future. Future employers will see these qualities in you, so you have already made a start on your successful future career. Already you have succeeded in the first stage of your ambitions, and begun to work towards your potential. Most people don’t have the courage, ability and determination to get this far.

But now the difficult part begins…

The challenge of studying in English

You’re reading up to 10,000 words a week, absorbing lectures, trying to make yourself heard in seminars (or trying to hide in the corner), and hoping that it all sinks in. On top of that, there are presentations to be made, essays to be written, all building up to a lengthy dissertation or thesis, based on your independent research and even more extensive reading.

Academic English

You’re doing all this in your second or even third language, and not only that, but you have to use the academic variety of English, which sometimes seems like a new language of its own. There are new sets of vocabulary (all of them complex and confusing) and whole new sets of rules of grammar and expression to fight with. And that’s before we even look at the variety of referencing systems, the laws of quoting, and the awful danger of plagiarism, the most terrible crime a student can commit!

We know it’s not easy, and we know what you’re going through. No matter how well you know your subject, and how brilliant your thoughts, you can always be beaten by (or even with) the language.

You are not alone!

If you recognise these feelings, you are not alone. 83% of international students at UK universities state that worries about the language are the single greatest cause of anxiety with their studies. It is no surprise, either – imagine your British classmates trying to study in your language, and you can see what an achievement you have made to get this far.

ecaUK can help

We know the difficulties, we know how to help, and we promise to do everything to allow your subject knowledge to shine through in your written work.

Our qualified, experienced tutors can help you to express your knowledge clearly, take credit for your thinking, get the most from your time here, and get the grades you know you deserve.