Remote Support

Student Remote Support - ECA(UK)

All communication with your tutor is by email. You submit your work, pre-pay the fee, and your tutor returns your edited work by the agreed deadline.

Assignment Editing and advice

Submit your assignment by email, and your tutor will work with you to correct your language and improve your expression. You know your subject, we can ensure that your coursework is professionally written, and using accurate academic English.

Choose the level of support you need:

  1. Basic proofreading and correction
    The tutor will correct errors of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and expression, leaving you with an essay ready to submit, safe in the knowledge that your assignment will not be marked down for language errors.
  2. Proofreading and correction plus academic advice.
    Your tutor will not only correct your language, but also assess possible weak points in your academic style. These can include:

    • Not enough quotation or referencing of literature.
    • Possible errors in referencing and quotations
    • Inconsistencies in your argument.
    • Risk of plagiarism

Any of these weaknesses could see you losing marks, never mind how well you have researched and examined the question.
The worst of these, plagiarism, could even see your coursework rejected and your entire academic future threatened.
Your corrected work will be returned together with a written report addressing any areas of concern, or possible ways of improving your essay and producing an excellent piece of work, not just an acceptable one.

The different levels of service are charged at the same hourly rate, but the higher level of editing requires more time on the part of your tutor or editor.