One-to-one Sessions

Sessions are in person, and are held in a venue agreed between the tutor and the student. This could be your home, the tutor’s home, or a public place which is convenient for both parties.

You can decide how you would like to use your time, but the most popular options are listed below.

Lessons in academic English

Your tutor will assess your needs, and teach you exactly what you need to improve in. This can either be a targeted one-off lesson on a particular area of academic English you struggle with, or a carefully designed program of regular lessons to work on every aspect of your language use.

One to One assignment support

If you have a major piece of coursework which is causing you problems, your tutor will sit down with you at strategic points in your coursework preparation and offer advice, support and guidance in researching, planning and writing your final coursework.

The intensive sessions will help you not just to submit one assignment, but also teach you the process of preparing an excellent piece of work and allow you to improve the standard of every future assignment.

This service is likely to require several sessions, and will therefore be an expensive option, so it is best used on one of your first assignments, so you can use what you learn all the way through your course.

Another idea is to use this for a final dissertation or research project, where it is necessary to produce work to the best of your ability.

Portfolio Preparation

If you are applying for any art and design course, such as Architecture, Fine Art or Fashion Design, the most important part of your application is the preparation of your portfolio (a collection of your best work).

Your whole application depends on the portfolio, and sessions with a professional portfolio tutor can make the difference between being accepted or rejected onto an art and design degree.